Drive mainboard.

The mainboard is like a CPU, it is a quite important part to electric skateboard. It is like a brain to human.
First lets check the board, there is one feature that we want to mention which is we do conformal coatings on the electriconics and the PCB, it has excellent corrosive property towards to electronics and circuit board(PCB/PCBA)

The main board accepts orders from the remote and send instructions to motor,
The main board rated output current is 24ah for dual motor(12ah for each), the peak current can reach 60ah, when you start or climb a slop it is the big current output time.

Adjusting the system to make eboard smooth is very important for users,
we try our best to adjust the JackZoom eboard system smooth and Linear both with acceleration and brake.

The drive board use EBS system, which control function after given order from remote, and send order by ECU. The system also contains an energy recycle technology when you brake.

The remote we use has good feel to hold, accelerate and brake with longer distance control area. Power button with a short press can change speed level from 1 to 4. You can also see battery capacity by the led indicator.