For electric mobility product, such as electric scooter, hoverboard, battery is quite important part for safe and performance. We absolutely know safety and quality is necessary for users, and it has big connection with the range as well.
So we use LG brand lithium brand, MH1, 3200mah lithium cells on our JackZoom eboard. Totally 20 pcs, it is 6.4ah, 230.4 wh. This is standard configuration of JackZoom eboard.
With 6.4ah LG battery pack, you can ride 25-28km at a full charge. It would take about 4 hours to a fully charge.
The advantage of the imported brand, LG, SAMSUNG, PANOSONIC, their life is measured in cycles, the document from LG says it is above 500 cycles ( charge and discharge is 1 cycle). You can calculate by yourself, if you charge one time per day, you could possibly use 2 years. But the data from them is conservative statement
Above are reasons why we use LG brand, to make the board qualify and longer range.