Hello what's up guys!

JackZoom is going to launch a new product called Monster. 

What's special?

Let's talk about the design first. 

Have been aware of that there is no real independent suspension on electric skateboard, we already know that people need something different. 

This is also the biggest feature of the JackZoom Monster. Each wheel has independent suspension, it provides an excellent comfortable riding. 

The motors we adapt is planetary gear theory motors, all in one technology, the peak power reach 1200Watt with a simple and clean looking.

We use elastic solid tires which the width is 65mm, looks wild. Better slip resistance.

Currently we have 2 options for customers which will be online.

First is dual motors. With 36V/24ah battery capacity, range 40km-45km. 

Second is four-wheel drive, 36V/24ah battery capacity, range 20km-40km.

We hope JackZoom Monster will bring you a totally different ride experience.

You can contact us for more info.