You may ask why I put motor as second one to talk?

Well this simply because we talk from the part outside which you can easily see.

So the motor is the main part of the drive system, it include 2 kinds, one is belt motor another one is hub motor.

The belt motor we normally see from city wheel eboard is 5050, 5065, some off road eboard use 6374, and belt was born to have a smooth advantage if the mainboard is adjusted well. The popular high-class brand include boosted, evolve.

The hub motor is a new trend since it is simple and more convenient for after-sales. Now many brand started to use hub motors, lower cost and simple assembling work.

Now let’s see the hub motor we see most in the market.

This is kind of oldest model, but sell a lot during this 2 years.

And now it is upgraded with removable tires. 


I must say this is not quite good design and feels like it is quite rough.


Now it comes another model we see most from another motor supplier.


Definitely it is a beautiful motor with removable tires. From 80mm-90mm.  

From design and appearance I like the second one. More high-standard class.

Backfire (83mm) and JackZoom eboard(90mm) are using this model. 

About the functions, the rotation speed, voltage and input current determined the speed, so you can either ask seller what is the motor rotation speed or their test speed to know if it is right for you.