The electric skateboard is becoming more and more popular, hand free with cool style on street. But for the beginners who want to buy one should learn more about how to choose a right one for themselves.


The deck come first because it is where user stand on.

Deck design:

Some people will say I will choose the design I like, but here we must suggest you choose the one which has reasonable design. And be aware of the design below.

deck bite the wheels 


Never choose the one which the deck bites the wheels, this is a very serious problem.


Deck Flexible matters by material:

Flexible mean comfortable which matters a lot when you ride in some road with bumps, otherwise you will feel like loosing your feet after several miles riding on road with bumps.

About deck we mentioned here is all about longboard, check the material the deck contains, it’s better to choose bamboo deck or at least 2 layers bamboo deck. The deck made of all maple is not enough for flexible.

Deck Flexible matters by battery box

A long battery under the deck sacrificed the flexible of the deck, never choose this kind of board if you care about your feet.



Deck height from the ground

Some skater know that the lower deck from ground is, the more steady you ride when in faster speed over 40km or 25mph. The height is related with the wheels and the trucks.

Remember never choose the one who put truck on battery box instead of deck, that is a very very stupid, check the product below!